Ars Technica: In two weeks, it will be easier for Uncle Sam to search your computer


Earlier this year, a new Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure was amended after three years of study by an unelected advisory committee. It was signed by the US Supreme Court and allows judges to sign warrants to allow the authorities to hack into computers outside a judge's jurisdiction.

This is frightening for several reasons: the ease with which it can be abused and, once granted, this newfound power will likelt never be taken away.

Here's hoping the challenge to this rule change by senators Wyden and Coons succeed.

December 1st: 805 Developers Hub meetup


The 805 Developers Hub is a language agnostic meetup for developers of all levels in the 805 area to learn and build software projects together.

Our next meetup is on December 1st at HUB101. Come out and share what you're working on!

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📍 HUB 101
Head south off the Lindero Canyon Rd. exit until you hit Agoura Rd. and turn left.

A letter to today’s young people


Marco Arment:

... do everything you can to help, support, and stand up for the millions of people whose country just let them down, many of whom live in homes and communities that have just become unwelcoming or unsafe. We’ll get our chance to repair the damage and move forward again, and you’ll bring us there. Hang in there.

I absolutely loved this.

Workflow: MailRoute whitelist or blacklist


The following is an action to whitelist or blacklist email addresses on your MailRoute account (required).

To use you need to update POST values with the following:

  • Your email address/username
  • Your API key
  • The numeric MailRoute id of the email address whose whitelist and blacklist you would be updating using the action. This can be found by inspecting MailRoute API responses from requests made with your API key or by looking at request network traffic.

Download the action here.

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