Hacker Noon: '10 Ways Web Developers Can Stand Up to the Trump Agenda'


For many of us the days after the election were a deep, dark flurry of emotions (anger, fear, frustration, disappointment, sadness) that led to a feeling of helplessness. In the weeks since, many have turned those emotions to action. How can we, as web developers, use our skills to take positive action in the face of dangerous regressive attitudes and policies?

I love this post because it narrows the focus of resisting our incoming president and his administration to something that's easily accomplished and addressed within the context of your profession. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the disaster that Trump represents, but you're better served by focusing on the scope of what you can improve. In this case this means doing your job well, doing your job in a way that reflects your values and focusing on things that move in a direction consistent with those values and in opposition to the incoming administration.

Focus on inclusivity, focus on freedom and focus on security. That you can support these values in the context of your existing profession makes something difficult, something that seems overwhelming feel a bit easier. To cite a cliché, this too shall pass. This pain is discouraging, but it is temporary. Jump in and do what you can to lessen it.

You can also donate to organizations helping to do their part:

As an addendum, I wouldn't expect any of Trump's appointments, as they relate to technology, to be knowledge of or capable of improving anything as it relates to technology either:


As detailed by Phobos Group founder Dan Tentlerand others, the website for Giuliani Security & Safety is an all around disaster that runs on an ancient version of Joomla!, a free to use content management system (CMS)


January 19th: 805 Developers Hub meetup


The 805 Developers Hub is a language agnostic meetup for developers of all levels in the 805 area to learn and build software projects together.

Our next meetup is on January 19th at HUB101. Come out and share what you're working on!

📍 HUB 101
Head south off the Lindero Canyon Rd. exit until you hit Agoura Rd. and turn left.

Trump says no computer is safe


The Verge:

His tech naivete has been exposed in speeches, statements, and debates too, with his proclamations that the US had to "do cyber" better, and calls for Bill Gates to "close up" the internet.

Trump is, at best, dangerously uninformed about technology (among countless other topics). You can donate to the EFF here.

JavaScript topics and framworks to learn in 2017


A fantastastic read by Eric Elliott on what to stay on top of in the ever-changing JavaScript ecosystem in 2017.

Personally, I've been focusing in on React, Redux and the tooling ecosystem surrounding both. I can't wait to see what else next year brings.

I've been reading quite a bit this year as well and have particularly enjoyed:

  • Functional JavaScript by Michael Fogus: iTunes | Amazon
  • Learning JavaScript Design Patterns by Addy Osmani: iTunes | Amazon
  • React: Up and Running by Stoyan Stefanov: Amazon