Fiery Feeds theme: Dark blue

Dark blue /></a>
                                                                                <p>I've switched over to using <a href=Fiery Feeds as my primary RSS reader after having used Supertop's (formerly Jared Sinclair's) beautiful Unread. Unread met my needs fairly well, but Fiery Feed's focus on power users really piqued my interest — particularly it's ability to handle custom actions, custom themes and countless other customization options. I liked the built in themes a fair bit and the developer provides some nice themes as well, but I thought I'd go ahead and throw together my own.

Fiery Feeds has a URL scheme that allows you to install a custom theme by creating a simple JSON object that you pass into the app as follows:


The JSON for the theme I created is as follows:

"articleBackgroundColor": "0E1112",
"accentColor": "0AAAE5",
"foregroundColor": "FFFFFF",
"lightStatusbar": true,
"backgroundColor": "0E1112",
"hudLightStatusbar": false,
"foregroundAccentColor": "6B6D78",
"navbarAccentColor": "FFFFFF",
"imageViewBackgroundColor": "333739",
"cellHighlightColor": "0AAAE5",
"navbarForegroundColor": "FFFFFF",
"toolbarBackgroundColor": "333739",
"navbarBackgroundColor": "333739",
"toolbarForegroundColor": "FFFFFF",
"cellBackgroundColor": "0AAAE5",
"backgroundAccentColor": "0E1112",
"imageViewForegroundColor": "0E1112",
"cellHighlightChangeTint": false,
"cellSeparatorColor": "333739",
"darkScrollBars": "333739",
"articleTextColor": "FFFFFF",
"articleTextAccentColor": "0AAAE5",
articleTitleColor": "FFFFFF

You can install the theme by tapping this link on your iOS device with Fiery Feeds installed.

Wired: 'Diehard Coders Just Rescued NASA’s Earth Science Data'


Like similar groups across the country—in more than 20 cities—they believe that the Trump administration might want to disappear this data down a memory hole. So these hackers, scientists, and students are collecting it to save outside government servers.

Preserving scientific data like this couldn't be more important in the current political climate and it's heartening to see motivated progtammers undertaking a project like this.

February 23rd: 805 Developers Hub meetup


The 805 Developers Hub is a language agnostic meetup for developers of all levels in the 805 area to learn and build software projects together.

Our next meetup is on February 23rd at HUB101. Come out and share what you're working on!

📍 HUB 101
Head south off the Lindero Canyon Rd. exit until you hit Agoura Rd. and turn left.

Securing your personal devices and accounts


Jonathan Zdziarski has a fantastic, detailed write up on personal, technical security that you should read and consider implementing (particularly given recent events).

With the current US administration pondering the possibility of forcing foreign travelers to give up their social media passwords at the border, a lot of recent and justifiable concern has been raised about data privacy. The first mistake you could make is presuming that such a policy won’t affect US citizens.

Techdirt podcast on the new FCC


I really enjoyed this episode — it's an engaging deep dive into the history of net neutrality and where it stands under the oversight (or lack thereof) of the new FCC chairman, Ajit Pai.

You can subscribe to the Techdirt podcast here.