Pile on the kale salad and an extra chicken wing

Dawes played an acoustic set at the Whole Foods in West Hollywood to celebrate Whole Foods adding a record store to the location. Brothers Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith were joined on stage by Tay Strathairn with the elder Goldsmith leading the band through a range of songs from the band’s 3 albums.”

“It’s a great honor to play on front of Whole Foods. God knows we’ve put enough money into this place.” - Taylor Goldsmith

Taylor’s voice was the highlight of what was an inspired set of songs well-suited to the acoustic format. The band stuck to longer songs that benefited from the 3 members on stage harmonizing and backed by a guitar, light percussion and the ever-present sound of LA traffic.

If you get the chance to see Dawes on the road supporting Stories Don’t End, do not hesitate to go. They are truly a fantastic live act.


  1. Just Beneath the Surface
  2. Million Dollar Bill
  3. Someone Will
  4. Love Is All I Am
  5. Hey Lover 1
  6. A Little Bit of Everything
  1. A cover from Blake Mills’ solo debut, Break Mirrors