Spotify begins to gain leverage in its relationship with labels

Via TechCrunch:

But now that Spotify has grown to 50 million paid subscribers and a huge base of free ad-supported listeners, it’s emerging from the streaming pack including YouTube / Google Music, Pandora, Apple Music, and Amazon so rights owners can’t just favor them instead. Spotify has begun to gain some leverage over the labels so that it can make money without them and they need it to have a hit record.

Spotify has done a lot to make music more accessible and available since it first launched. It’s spent a lot of time since its launch beholden to labels and content providers so anything it can do, at this point, to gain leverage over those providers is only going to benefit it, and its users, in the long term.

I stopped buying digital music quite a while ago and, while I occasionally spend money on a vinyl release, I spend essentially all of my time listening to music on Spotify’s streaming platform. Everyone I know listens to music primarily via one streaming platform or another and Spotify is chief among those — gaining leverage and diversifying the content it offers is going to continue to be key to Spotify’s longterm viability as a platform. If that all happens at the expense of labels, I can’t help but think we’ll all be better for it.

Installing HTTP/2 on Ubuntu 16.04 with virtual hosts

Now that HTTP/2 is fairly stable and widely available, I decided to try and install and run it on this server. I’m currently running the Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS with virtual hosts configured so I can serve a number of sites beyond this one. All of the sites this server hosts are also served securely using certificates from LetsEncrypt.

To install HTTP/2 I SSH’d in to the server and ran the following commands:

# add the new apache repository to your server's sources

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ondrej/apache2

# update apache

sudo apt-key update

sudo apt-get update

# WARNING: answering yes at the prompts following this command will overwrite your apache.conf file located in /etc/apache2

sudo apt-get --only-upgrade install apache2 -y

# enable http2

sudo a2enmod http2

Next, navigate to /etc/apache2/sites-available and edit a virtual file of your choice, adding the following line after the ServerName declaration:

Protocols h2 h2c http/1.1

Finally, restart apache:

sudo service apache2 restart

Your site should now be served using http2. You can verify this using the KeyCDN tool located here.

Did I miss anything? Let me know.

CBO analysis confirms GOP health bill is little more than class warfare

Via Vox:

The AHCA would reverse one of the greatest actions against inequality ever taken by the federal government, and then increase inequality yet further. It is an act of class warfare against low-income Americans, waged for the benefit of the handful of rich taxpayers affected by Obamacare’s surtaxes.

This bill amounts to tax cuts for the rich by stripping healthcare subsidies away from individuals that desperately need them. It should not be allowed to pass.

Italian Band Soviet Soviet Denied Entry To The U.S., Jailed And Then Deported »


In its statement, Soviet Soviet says that the agents’ refusal to permit the band’s entry seems to have stemmed from the fact that the agents believed that the group needed work visas to enter the U.S., because two of the venues at which Soviet Soviet was slated to perform were going to charge audiences entry fees — even though the band says that its musicians were not going to earn any money while in the U.S.

This is absolutely appalling.

Update: More bands have been denied entry in a fashion similar to what Soviet Soviet encountered.

Additionally, it appears as though Soviet Soviet were denied entry on largely economic grounds.