Bombino and Hanni El Khatib at the Santa Monica Pier

The most recent entry in to the Santa Monica Pier’s Twilight Concert series featured Bombino and Hanni El Khatib performing to a packed crowd on the pier that spilled out on to the beach. The weather and setting was picturesque, though Bombino’s opening set was lackluster. I wasn’t familiar with their music but it consisted of a jangly guitar melody, bouncy drum beat and slightly varied tempos.

Hanni El Khatib put on a strong, energetic performance (though the supporting guitarist/bassist were a bit dull). The sound was muddy but not overly hampered as the band ran through covers and tracks from both of his full length albums.

Overall it was a great show, a nice crowd and a fantastic setting for a concert. (It was also sponsored by myspace — the new myspace.)

Hanni El Khatib Gets Saved In The Desert

An interesting rendition of Hanni El Khatib’s “Save Me” in the desert near Joshua Tree via NPR’s “Field Recordings” series. The performance isn’t as strong as the recorded version but it’s interesting nonetheless and translates reasonably well in an acoustic setting.

sigur rós - your »

A very compelling use of the Instagram API and a fantastic use of social media by Sigur Rós. The pairing of the music and videos doesn’t always work, but it does not have to to really make an experiment like this work — the band just needs to engage their fans and they’ve done that very well.

Dawes - Most People

A wonderful new video for one of the highlights of Dawes’ most recent album Stories Don’t End. I love videos from bands that give an insight in to live shows from both their perspective and that of their fans. The format steps away from the “video as a portrayal of a song’s subject” approach and, instead, presents what goes in to bringing that song to life for fans night in and night out.

Damien Jurado gave “Museum of Flight” off of Maraqopa a similar treatment that’s also very much worth checking out.