New Arcade Fire Album Is 'Epic,' James Murphy Says »

It sounds like Arcade Fire in the way that only Arcade Fire sound like Arcade Fire, you know? It’s really fucking epic. Seriously.

It took me longer than it should have to get in to Arcade Fire but I have been absolutely hooked of late. This album should be genuinely incredible (especially given the band’s track record and Murphy’s involvement).

Maps And Music - Explore Okkervil River's New Album »

“The next album from the Austin, Texas band Okkervil River will tell the childhood tale of its lead singer and songwriter Will Sheff, a self-described awkward, nearsighted, asthmatic kid growing up the small town of Meriden, New Hampshire. The music on The Silver Gymnasium, out on September 3, is some of Okkervil River’s best …”

Cannot wait for this.