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Blocking spam calls from similar numbers on iOS »

I’ve been seeing more incoming spam calls from numbers similar to mine recently. They’re annoying in large part because traditional iOS call blockers like Hiya, Nomorobo and so forth don’t screen them out (these apps apparently due this to err on the side of caution and avoid blocking what they see as legitimate local calls). To mitigate this I’ve started using a simple app called Wideprotect that lets you block numbers by providing a set of digits for it to match against (e.g. your area code or your area code plus the first three numbers of the phone number). If you haven’t tried the app yet and you’re seeing the same issue, I’d highly recommend giving it a try.

GOP advances plan for ring-free voicemail spam »


The GOP’s leading campaign and fundraising arm, the Republican National Committee, has quietly thrown its support behind a proposal at the Federal Communications Commission that would pave the way for marketers to auto-dial consumers’ cellphones and leave them prerecorded voicemail messages — all without ever causing their devices to ring.

It’s like a U2 album release — but for annoying political crap.

iPhone spam call blockers

I’ve tried all of the apps Marco calls out in this post and I agree with his assessment of all of them. I liked Nomorobo a lot and it worked reliably, but I’ve settled on a different app that wasn’t called out in this post. I’ve been using Callblock for the past week and like that its database extends beyond the robocallers covered by Nomorobo. It’s already blocked a few calls and nothing that shouldn’t get through has gotten through.

Via Marco Arment.