Touché Amoré + Balance and Composure at the Regent

I've been wanting to see Touché Amoré and Balance and Composure for quite a while and I finally got the chance to last night at the Regent in DTLA. It was a killer show and the last one Balance and Composure are planning to do in LA. I was a little surprised Balance followed up Touché simply due to the difference in energy between the two bands but it was an impressive set all the same.

Touché Amoré setlist

  1. Flowers and You
  2. New Halloween
  3. Just Exist
  4. Pathfinder
  5. Rapture
  6. Praise / Love
  7. Anyone / Anything
  8. The Great Repetition
  9. Art Official
  10. Harbor
  11. Amends
  12. Displacement
  13. Steps (with Jon Simmons)
  14. Palm Dreams
  15. Skyscraper
  16. Home Away From Here
  17. ~

Balance and Composure setlist

  1. When I Come Undone
  2. Quake
  3. I Can't Do This Alone
  4. Parachutes
  5. Back of Your Head
  6. Void
  7. Fade
  8. Keepsake
  9. Stonehands
  10. Cut Me Open
  11. Midnight Zone
  12. Spinning
  13. Postcard
  14. Reflection
  15. I Tore You Apart in My Head


  1. Tiny Raindrop
  2. Notice Me
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